Certificate in Communication

This certificate creates an opportunity for interested students to gain specialized expertise and recognition for a personal and professional commitment to enhanced communication skills. With the certificate, participating students can establish communication expertise through courses that expand on communication practices in contexts beyond engineering, deepen theoretical understanding of communication, and facilitate professional development in writing, oral communication, and critical thinking.


Students in the Communication Certificate must successfully complete a minimum of 3 courses from the list outlined below:

  • APS 281H1 – Language and Meaning
  • APS 320H1 – Representing Science on the Stage
  • APS 321H1 – Representing Science and Technology in Popular Media
  • APS 322H1 – Language and Power
  • APS323H1 – Writing Lab
  • APS324H1 – Engineering and Social Justice
  • APS 325H1 – Engineering and Science in the Arts
  • APS 445H1 – The Power of Story: Discovering Your Leadership Narrative
  • INI 304H1 – Critical Thinking and Inquiry in Written Communication
  • INI 305H1 – Word and Image in Modern Writing
  • INI 310H1 – Editing

Further details on obtaining an Undergraduate Engineering Certificate are available here.