Job Opportunities

CUPE Unit 1 Job Postings

Teaching Assistant positions – Fall/Winter terms 2018-19

All Unit 1 Teaching Assistant job postings may be viewed on the university’s Unit 1 centralized job posting board.

Application procedures for CUPE Unit 1 positions

The following Teaching Assistant positions are currently available for the fall/winter terms 2018-19:

  • MIE240H1 S – Human-Centred Systems Design
  • MIE243H1 F – Mechanical Engineering Design I
  • MIE490Y1 Y – Industrial Engineering Capstone Design & MIE491Y1 Y – Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design

Application Deadline for MIE positions: August 12, 2018

Emergency Posting

  • MSE298Y1 Y – Communications

Application Deadline for MSE position: July 25, 2018

CUPE Unit 3 Job Postings

There are no Unit 3 job opportunities in the Engineering Communication Program posted at the current time.

All Unit 3 job postings for Sessional Lecturer and Writing Instructor positions may be viewed on the university’s Unit 3 centralized job posting board.

Application procedures for CUPE Unit 3 positions

Continuously Posted Notices

These notices are posted in accordance with the CUPE Unit 3 Collective Agreement. Most of our annual job notices are posted in late April or early May.

Don’t know what to apply for?

If you have any questions about which positions to apply for, please contact us at

Contract instructors at the University of Toronto are represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3902 (CUPE 3902). The following descriptions will help you determine which CUPE Unit job postings you are eligible to apply for:

    • CUPE Unit 1:

      represents University of Toronto students, mainly graduate students, working as Teaching Assistants, Teaching Laboratory Assistants, markers, graders and instructors.

    • CUPE Unit 3:

      represents employees (who are not currently University of Toronto students) engaged in teaching, demonstrating, tutoring or marking/grading on contracts of less than one year.