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Proposals and Your Next Idea

Proposals are among the most critical documents a young engineer will write. Maybe you’re applying for funding at a hatchery for a great idea you have; or maybe you’re embarking […]

Tutoring Centre

ECP Tutoring Centre is Live


Professional Ethics and Your Worldview

Some of you may get the opportunity this term to take a course with  Dr.  Robert Irish, a professor in the Engineering Communication Program. Last year Dr. Irish was awarded […]

Remote Learning

Professional Communication in a Virtual Environment

As students return to campus and instructors finalize the details of your courses, there is normally a distinct buzz in the air. But 2020 has been anything but a normal […]

To Draft or Not to Draft

Welcome and Welcome Back

Welcome back to returning students, and a huge welcome to our first years! If you don’t know by now, engineers write, present, debate, consult, and represent; they do it a […]


MSE298: Fall 2019 Research Presentations

In MSE298Y, student teams are presenting on their research into work-related areas of opportunity for students graduating in their field.


APS325: Fall 2019 Art Presentations

In APS325, students are presenting their main projects for the term: original works of art connected to engineering or science.


ESC101: Fall 2019 Design Critique

In Praxis I, students share their engineering design work at the end of term Design Crit.


APS320: Fall 2019 Collective Creation Performances

On December 4th, students in the Representing Science on Stage class capped off the semester with their final scene performances. These original works included a whodunit, a social critique of […]

Rob Irish Award

ECP Professor Robert Irish Wins International Award

Professor Robert Irish was awarded the Ronald S. Blicq Award for Distinction in Technical Communication Education by the IEEE Professional Communications Society. Read more about it here.