Meet Your Tutors

Meet the Engineering Communication Program Tutoring Centre team of instructors:

Photo of Faye D'Silva

Dr. Faye D’Silva


Faye D’Silva holds a Ph.D. in Foreign, Second and Multilingual Language Education from The Ohio State University (OSU) in Columbus, Ohio. She also completed an M.A. in Teaching and Learning from OSU where she specialized in TESOL. Her expertise lies in working with multilingual students and instructing in discipline-specific writing. She has taught academic discursive skills to international undergraduate and graduate students at both OSU and the University of Toronto and is currently a Sessional Lecturer/Communication Instructor in the Engineering Communication Program (ECP) in CIV282 and ECE297. She is also a Coordinator for the ECP Tutoring Centre and a Professional Language Development Associate for the DELNA Initiative where she holds workshops for first-year engineers seeking to develop their professional and academic competencies.

Photo of Maria Cioni

Dr. Maria Cioni


Maria Cioni has a doctorate in History from Girton College, Cambridge University. In addition to academic publications, Maria’s literary non-fiction book, Spaghetti Western: How My Father Brought Italian Food to the West, is published in both print and audio book format. Maria holds a TESOL Canada qualification and applies her years of experience in international education to working with multilingual students to develop their professional engineering communication skills. She has been a senior lecturer in APS111T/APS112T courses and a communication instructor in ECE496 and ECE297. Maria continues to write and publish literary non-fiction and she mentors students and writers in creative writing, particularly the literary non-fiction genre.

Photo of Dr. James Mcmahon Dr. James McMahon

As a PhD candidate in Social and Political Thought at York University, James has taught various social science courses at York University which were designed to be foundational, and where effective writing and reading skills were integrated into the curriculum. His experience includes tutoring students on a wide range of topics as well as on strategies that students can apply through practice and time management. Currently, James McMahon is a sessional instructor at the University of Toronto and his roles and responsibilities are focused on teaching effective oral and written communication skills. His primary research interests are political economy and political theory.

Photo of Nina Munteanu

Nina Munteanu


Nina has a masters degree in science from Concordia University and is an award-winning novelist. She worked for 25 years as an environmental consultant in the field of aquatic ecology and limnology, publishing papers and technical reports on water quality and impacts to aquatic systems. Nina has written over a dozen eco-fiction, science fiction and fantasy novels, and award-winning short stories. Her book “Water Is…”—a scientific study and personal journey as limnologist, mother, teacher and environmentalist—was picked by Margaret Atwood in the New York Times as 2016 ‘The Year in Reading’. Nina’s most recent novel “A Diary in the Age of Water”—about four generations of women and their relationship to water in a rapidly changing world—will be released in 2020 by Inanna Publications. Nina teaches at several writing centres at the University of Toronto, including ECP, Health Sciences, and Woodsworth College.

Photo of Matt Strohack

Matt Strohack


Matt Strohack is a communication instructor in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. He possesses a Masters in English, and is completing a doctoral degree. With a secondary background in environmental education, Matt brings an interest in sustainability to his work with the Engineering Communication Program.

Photo of Ted Nolan

Ted Nolan


Ted Nolan has worked in the Engineering Communication Program since 2011. He received his MA in the Field of Creative Writing from the University of Toronto, and his Teaching English as a Second Language certification from the Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies. His research interests include poetics, music and sports culture. He publishes under the name E Martin Nolan and is an associate editor at The Puritan Magazine, where he also helps run the blog, The Town Crier. His essays have appeared in The Detroit Free Press, The Toronto Review of Books and The Barnstormer, among others.

Photo of Cheryl Runke

Cheryl Runke


Cheryl Runke received her MA in English in the Field of Creative Writing from the University of Toronto. She also holds a Master of Science degree, has worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist and is a TESL certified instructor. She has tutored students from a variety of academic backgrounds. Her award-winning short fiction has appeared in various Canadian publications such as Prairie Fire Magazine and the Hart House Review.

Photo of Catriona Wright

Catriona Wright


Catriona Wright received her BA in English and History from McGill University and her MA in English in the Field of Creative Writing from the University of Toronto, where she completed a manuscript of short stories under the supervision of Barbara Gowdy. She has led creative writing workshops for high school students and has tutored students from a variety of academic backgrounds. She is also a TESL Canada certified ESL instructor, and she taught communication, English grammar and academic writing courses for three years prior to joining the Engineering Communication team at the University of Toronto. Her award-winning poetry, short fiction and essays have appeared in numerous Canadian publications, including The New Quarterly, Grain, Joyland, PRISM International and Prairie Fire.