Communication Instructors

Our Communication Instructors work in a range of courses across the curriculum. You’ll find their course affiliation and contact information below.

Amine Aboussalah
TA Mentor Program
Saima Ali
TA Mentor Program
Dr. Emily Anglin
APS111, APS112, ECP Tutoring
Mina Arakawa
APS111, APS112, CIV382, ECE297, ECE496
Laura Berneaga
MIE243, TA MIE490/491
Aleisha Cerny
Vincent Chien
Dr. Maria Cioni
ECE297, ECE496, ECP Tutor, Professional Language Development Diagnostic Assessor
Dr. Coplen Rose
APS111, APS112
Nikita Dawe
ESC101, MIE243, MIE490/491, PEY Report Assessor
Cindy (Shi) Deng
Professional Language Development Diagnostic Assessor
Katya D'Costa
MSE298, TA Mentor Program
Dr. Faye D’Silva
APS111, APS112, ECE295, ECP Tutoring Coordinator, Professional Language Development Associate
Casey Gurfinkel
Dr. Stephanie Halldorson
APS111, APS112, APS490, ECE297
Dr. Arthur Imperial
APS111, APS112, BME1477, CHE299, CIV282, CIV382, ECE297, ECE496, ECP Tutor, ESC101/102
Akibul Islam
MIE243, MIE490/491
Dina Kanaan
PEY Report Assessor
Yasamin Kazemi
Dr. Penny Kinnear
ESC 101/102, TEP281
Boran Kumral
MIE243, MIE490/492, PEY Report Assessor
Ben Kinsella
ECE297, ECE496, ESC101/102
Dr. Peter Látka
APS111, APS112, ECE297, ECE496, ECP Tutor, Professional Development Diagnostic Assessor
Jessica Li
Terek Li
PEY Reports Assessor
Dr. James McMahon
ECE496, ECP Tutor, ESC101/102, ESC204
Nina Munteanu
ECP Tutor
Dr. John Nyman
APS111, APS112, BME1477, CIV282, CIV382, ECE295, MIE: IND Design Spine, MIE429
Krystal Ortaleza
TA Mentor Program
Adam Pearson
Patricia Peters
APS111, APS112, Professional Language Development Diagnostic Assessor
Sherry-Ann Ram
Cheryl Runke
APS111/112/113. CHE299, CIV232, ECE295, ECE496
Douglas Severo
APS111, APS112, Professional Language Diagnostic Assessor
Dr. Muhammad Shah
ECP Tutor
Yulia Smirnova
CHE299, Professional Language Diagnostic Assessor
Matt Strohack
CIV/MIN Communication Coordination & Instruction, ECE295, ESC101/102
Mengqi Wang
Simon Watson
APS111, APS112
Lucas Wilson
APS111, APS112, CIV282, ECE297, ECE496, ECP Tutor
Mahdi Zamani
APS111, APS112
Azadeh Zandieh
MSE298, PEY Reports Assessor