Communication Instructors

Our Communication Instructors work in a range of courses across the curriculum. You’ll find their course affiliation and contact information below.

Maedeh Amirmaleki
MIE243, MIE490/491
Dr. Emily Anglin
Mina Arakawa
APS111, CIV382, ECE297, ECE496, ESC499
Dr. Maria Cioni
APS111, ECE297, ECP Tutor
Nikita Dawe
BME489, BME498, ESC101, MIE240, MIE243, MIE490/491
Sujaya Dhanvantari
Dr. Faye D’Silva
CIV282, ECE297, ECP Tutoring Coordinator, Professional Language Development Associate
Dr. Stephanie Halldorson
APS111/112, BME1477, ECE297, ECE496
Solmaz Karamikamkar
MIE490/491, MSE298
Yasamin Kazemi
Rubaina Khan
MIE240, MIE490/491
Yew Meng Khaw
Dr. Peter Látka
APS111/112, ECE297, ECE496, ESC101, MIE243, ECP Tutor
Maria Mahmoudian
APS111, ECE496
Dr. Dancy Mason
APS111, ECE496
Dr. James McMahon
APS111, CIV282, CIV382, ECE297, ECE496, ESC101/102, ECP Tutor
Nina Munteanu
ECP Tutor
Atoosa Nasiri
Ted Nolan
APS111/112, APS281, APS326, ECP Tutor
Dr. John NymanMIE: IND Design Spine, MEC Design Spine
Adam Pearson
Tarriq Purrivatra
Tara Tsang
MIE240, MIE243
Cheryl Runke
APS111, BME1477, ECE297, ECE496, ECP Tutor
Dr. Ryan Sosna
CIV282, ESC101/102
Matt Strohack
CIV282, CIV382, ECE297, ECE496, ESC101/102, ESC499, ECP Tutor
Jessica Taylor
APS326, BME1477, ECP Tutor
Richard Welch
APS111/112, ESC101/102
Lucas WilsonAPS111, ESC102
Catriona Wright
APS111/112/113, CHE299, ECE297, ECP Tutor
Azadeh Zandieh
MIE243, MIE490/491, MSE298