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Beating Procrastination

Your report is due in 2 weeks. You tell yourself that this time you are going to start early. A day goes by, then another, then the weekend. In a […]

Juggling Presentation Elements

Over the past year engineers around the globe have been giving countless presentations on technologies that have been saving lives and enabling communities to continue functioning safely. These engineers had […]

Does Your Writing Flow?

“Flow” is one of those words that communication instructors often use when they give feedback. Its presence makes a reader’s experience easy and pleasant, and its absence causes confusion and […]

To Draft or Not to Draft

Engineers (and engineering students) write a lot. The sheer volume of reports, proposals, conceptual design documents, on top of all an engineer’s other tasks, can tempt you want to write […]

Welcome and Welcome Back

Welcome back to returning students, and a huge welcome to our first years! If you don’t know by now, engineers write, present, debate, consult, and represent; they do it a […]
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